Kotikawatha/Mulleriyawa Pradeshiya shaba area is situated 10km away from the city of Colombo which is the larger urban agglomeration area with in the Western Province.The Pradeshiya Sabha Area covers nearly 21 Sq.km. The area is bounded on North by the Kelani River, West & South by the Kolonnawa Urban Council area and Kotte Municipal Council area and East by Kaduwela Pradeshiya Sabha area. The   kolonnawa  area belongs to low country wet zone and having an annual temperature of 85F and an annual rainfall of 2000mm

There are 14 Wards and 33 G.N. divisions in both Kotikawatta and Mulleriyawa Preadeshiya sabha area. Here, both the divisional secretariat and electorate boundaries are the same.

According to the land use of the area, generally this is a residential area with no major commercial activities. This area comprises a large no of wetlands especially along the Kelani River, flood prone areas as well as environmentally sensitive areas. By the year 2001, there were about 105076 populations in Kotikawatta- Mulleriya area according to the sources of Department of Census

Kotikawatha - Mulleriyawa Pradeshiya Shaba

Head Office: T.P. +094-24100288 , +094-24100999


Sub Office Mulleriyawa

T.P. +094-2578283